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Ardebil Cement  Cement and clinker manufacturer
Armelat Industrial Flooring Systems
Almase Saz Co. Mining bits, Attack picks, Bottom bits
Alaow Co. Stone preparing line machinery manufacturer
Armi Co. Machinery & Equipment for Drilling, Mining, Tunnels, D.T.H. Hammers
Atash Pooya Sepahan Co. Producing of insulating refractory
Dozhpad Storage Systems
Electro-Ceramic Industries Co. Manufacturer of refractories & ceramics
Eshteal Esfahan Co. Cast Iron Valves
Farbod Saz Co. Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd.
Hadid Industrial Complex Design/Manufacturer of : hydraulic jacks, rollers, furnaces, fire extinguishing,..
Hamadan Ahrar Co. Exporter of Granite
Iran Construction Clinic Construction Chemical Products and additives
Jabal Gypsum Gypsum for decoration and construction
Kara Engineering & Trading Co. Construction Material (acoustic ceiling material and conference systems)
Khash Cement Factory Cement and clinker manufacturer
Kormait Pars Co. Open Web Steel Joists
M. tools Co. Construction Tools
Mahar Koureh Ind. Manufacturer of industrial furnaces
Metal-Det Metal Detector
Niru Battery MFG. Co. Lead-Acid Batteries, Industrial Gases, Refractory Bricks, Non-Ferrous metals
NMI Co. Auto parts, Thresher, Tiller, ..
Nosaz Sanat Co. Wastewater treatment plant, Design and Equipment
Pamchal Chemicals (Resins, Marin- Industrial-Automotive-Decorative paints, powder coating)
Partsazan Automotive Parts Manufacturer
Pars Lent Disc brake pads (manufacturer)
Pars Moshabak Storage and carriage systems
Parto Abgardan Air conditioning and Refrigeration
Paya Mobadel Co. (P.J.S.) Transformer Manufacturer
Pooya Andish Co.. Industrial Sensors, Automation, Control
Pump iran Design and manufacturer of pumps
Qeshm offshore free ports & industries (PSJ) (SABA) Supplier of vessels & packages for oil and gas industries, Contractor offshore facilities such as jacket and deck, Onshore infrastructures such as ports and civil works.
Rahaneh Productive & Research Co. Valves
Rah Sanat Co. Production & Distribution of insulating refractory bricks & castables
Rashestan Prefabricated Buildings
Samin Valves
Sani Plastic Co. Various Plastic parts
Sarban Co. Aluminium Products
Shibeh Sanitary Faucets manufacturer
Thunder Electronic Eng. Co. Design Supply, Installation and Commisioning of :
ESE Lightning conductor, Surge arrester, Earthing systems, Fire alarm & Extinguishing systems, CCTV, Audio/Video systems, CATV & SMATV, BMS
Zonooz MFG Factories Co. Floor Mosaic Manufacturer
Fields Consultants Contractors Suppliers Organizations Links Feedback
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