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  • ACIE (Association of The Cement Industries Employers)
  • AICC (The Association of International Consultants & Contractors)
  • BHRC (Building and Housing Research Center)
  • FCIC-IR (Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries - IRAN)
  • ICEO (Iranian Construction Engineers Organization)
  • IIEES (International Institute of Earthquake Engineering & Seismology)
  • IRAEE (IRanian Association for Energy Economics)
  • IRAPEC (Association of Petroleum Industry Engineers and Constructors)
  • IROST (Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology)
  • IRNCID (Iranian National Committee on Irrigation & Drainage)
  • IRCOLD (Iranian National Committee on Large Dams)
  • ISCE (Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers)
  • ISCME (Iranian Mine Engineering Students Conference)
  • ISOCES (Iranian Scientific Organization of Civil Engineering Students - persian site)
  • MAPNA (Iran Power Plant Projects Management Company)


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