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‎A word about

‎"IRaniaN Engineering Services" website,, came online April 1, 2000, with the primary aim of opening a gateway between Iranian engineering firms (consultants, contractors, suppliers and organizations) with those from other countries.

The founders of this site have been involved in the industry for over twenty years. We feel that the Iranian engineering community is now highly qualified and capable of taking on major international projects. While Iran has a long history of engineering experience reaching back over 2000 years, it is this experience combined with invaluable expertise obtained in the last thirty years that has given us these capabilities. International cooperation could be in such areas as consultant services, construction, and supply of goods - all of which have successful track records.

At the moment some firms have their own websites, and those that do have their own sites may be having some difficulty in initiating discussions with foreign firms. We are confident that we can be of assistance in two distinct aspects.

Firstly, by providing good space for inserting pages, and secondly by following visitors' requests and enquiries to contact companies asking them for their attention. Our services are FREE of any charges to our visitors to encourage them to utilize our service and decision making easier.

When our website first came online, we had only around 300 visitors per month. However, after only 4 months of being online, we served more than 15,000 visitors per month.

There has been some feedbacks from our site visitors. We have aimed for a fast response time and our visitors have indicated that they are pleased with the very efficient and free service we offer.

As noted in the pages of the site, we distribute and follow your requests between related companies in Iran, whether they have registered with us or not.

We update our information as soon as we get a new record, and we are looking for those new records all the time. There have been many days that we updated site twice a day.

We believe that this site can not improve or be successful if we don't get your feedback telling us what you need and what we should do to help you in that regard.

We appreciate all of your comments and pay attention to every single message that we receive.

And finally, thank you very much for reading this page and your kind attention to, we will be waiting to serve you here with the best quality that we can.

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